Dr. Robert L. Townsin

Dr. Robert L. Townsin is an internationally recognized expert – and perhaps the world’s foremost authority – on the effects of hull and propeller roughness on ship performance.  Dr. Townsin’s name is immediately recognizable in any discussion on vessel performance and the hull roughness penalty.  He is a founding shareholder of Safinah Ltd and continues to provide consulting advice and guidance as well as publish papers in this field.  He has published 28 refereed papers on the subjects of experimental ship hydrodynamics and the effects of hull and propeller roughness on the performance of ships in service. His papers have been awarded prizes by RINA and the North East Coast Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders (NECIES), and his work is quoted in many papers and books published in this field. Until his retirement, he served as Head of the Department of Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding at Newcastle University, and he has been the inspiration and mentor of many naval architects working in the area of ship performance improvement.

Dr.Townsin’s approximate formula for calculating the roughness drag penalty was adopted by the ITTC in 1990.

Dr. Townsin is a Fellow of RINA, and a Fellow of NECIES.